Ocean Secret
Haley, Age 11, Beaverton, OR

Dreamily, Jessica stared out into the ocean. Its foamy, salty waves were gently crashing onto the sand, sending bits of foam flying. She was sitting on an icy rock, waiting for the sun to rise.

Although it was dark, and cold, Jessica felt warm from seeing the ocean. She fingered her findings; shells and little trinkets she had collected earlier that day. Seeing the beach crowded and noisy made her sad. It ruined the effect the ocean's lapping waves had on her.

But now, when all was quiet. Except for the wind whistling in her ears and the waves lacing it's watery fingers around the sand, it was all silent. Of course, if Jessica had a home, she wouldn't be out here. But, she was a loner.

"A loner...a loner...a the sea, the sea, the spell binding sea! The bewitching, spell casting, lovely sea!" She smiled, and the wind picked up. Mist of the ocean's salty water flowed into the air, making it more salty than before.

"The sea! The sea! The spell binding sea! The bewitching, spell casting lovely sea!" Jessica shouted into the wind. The wind carried it off, only leaving a faint echo of her poetry. Jessica laughed, and the wind, yet again, carried it off.

"The wind! The wind! The stealing wind! The wonderful, tricky, stealing wind!" She laughed. The tricky, stealing wind carried off its own poem. But, there is something about the wind that happened that night.

The wind carried Jessica's thoughts and joys and laughs and poems about the sea to China, to Japan, to Russia, to South America, to... everywhere on Earth. The people heard her laugh, her thoughts, and--most importantly--her poems. Then, a few moments later, Jessica could have sworn that she heard an echo.. from all directions saying: "The sea! The sea! The spell binding sea! The bewitching, spell casting, lovely sea!" And then she thought she heard her own laugh.

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