The Power of Rain
Meghan, Age 14, Vernon, BC

Walking, on my way home from school is a tunnel. Itís formed by two rows of tall trees that arch gracefully over the cracked sidewalk. At each end is a sound barrier. At least thatís what I call it. As soon as I step into that mystical tunnel every sound is erased. No cars roar noisily by, the world is quiet, silent, thinking.

As I step onto the path the first drops begin to fall. Soon the splish of the rain is constant. A ray of sun sneaks out from behind the gloomy clouds and illuminates my path.

I canít help but smile and the stress and worry from the rest of the day is washed away by the gentle sound and touch of the rain and the soft crunch and thud of my feet as they pass over the leaf strewn ground. Above me, the sun lights the bright yellows and oranges of the fall leaves.

I lift my head and walk with a lighter step. The rain splashes gently on my shoulders, wetting my hair, and the sun spills down through the fiery leaves above me. Itís a perfect moment.

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