Sarah's Stars

Sharon Siamon. Rodeo Horse
Whitecap Books  $8.95  ISBN 1-55285-4671  157 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 11

The next moment, Sara found herself flying through the air as Sunny stumbled coming out of a turn and pitching her over his head.

Rodeo Horse is the fifth in the up and coming series, Mustang Mountain.  This series is about countless Canadian experiences set in minor Alberta towns and mostly in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  The author has very dramatic elements to her books and it will unquestionably keep you on your toes.

This book is mainly about two cousins, Becky and Alison, who have come from two very diverse backgrounds. Becky, who lives in a remote and isolated part of the Rockies, comes back for the second year, to live with her cousin Alison, a former rich New York snob, so that she can attend school. Alison and her family relocate to a small, rural town in Alberta.  They need to find a stable to rent for Alison’s neglected horse. They acquire a stable but the stable comes with an assortment of changes to everyone’s lives.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes horses and adventure, or even if you think that it just sounds good, you can appreciate the book. If this looks like a book that appeals to you, I would recommend that you read books 1-4 in the series first, so that you get acquainted and are able to understand and grasp the emotion of the characters.

Rodeo Horse deserves 5 stars.


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