Sarah's Stars

Karen Autio. Second Watch
Sono Nis Press  $9.95  ISBN 1-55039-151-8  187pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 12

Standing at the right-side rail towards the bow, I shivered from the bite of the spring air. Three more decks towered above us. I recalled my dream from the day we purchased our tickets. In it, I stood at a similar ship’s rail, but the sun was bright and I felt glorious. On the Empress, the electric lights shone, and I felt the urge to retch again.

Saara dreams of traveling to Finland. When life at home gets complicated, and Saara has to start earning money herself, her trip seems like it will remain only in her dreams. Furthermore, her best friend Helena takes host of a new immigrant girl from Finland, and the two become close. Just when Saara thinks everything is falling apart, Mama receives a mysterious letter from Uncle Arvo, containing the exact amount needed to take the trip. Saara’s wish may finally come true! If only Papa will agree.

The first of Karen Autio’s new series, Second Watch is a brilliant, and enchanting novel that illustrates the importance of family, companionship, and courage. Throughout this thrilling adventure, eleven-year-old Saara encounters many obstacles. This book, I recommend for kids ages 10-13 as it was the perfect level for me. If you enjoy reading about long journeys, lost and rekindled friendships, and a very extraordinary silver spoon, you’ll love Second Watch.

Karen Autio is an amazing author, with an increasing reputation within the Kelowna area. Though she grew up in Thunder Bay (Ontario), she now lives in Kelowna with her husband and two children. Her inspiration for this moving and classic tale, was a silver spoon she, herself received from her Finnish grandmother. She is currently writing a sequel to Second Watch, which I am positively ecstatic about reading! I can hardly wait!

I give Second Watch FIVE complete glistening stars!


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