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Pam Withers. Skater Stuntboys
Walrus Books  $8.95  ISBN 1-55285-647-X  191 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley, Age 13

Imagine this! A fifteen year old boy who absolutely loves skateboarding; it is your life. A chance comes your way to become the stunt skateboarder for a movie. The movie set is right in the new skatepark that was just set up in your town. In Skater Stuntboys fifteen-year-olds Jake and Peter have that chance. How hard could it be? Doing something you love, just on camera? Actually for Peter and Jake it is very hard. With a group of tough skaters competing for the spots, they have a hard time making it. Also Jake's dad left home and never came back. While struggling with that, his younger sister is hanging out with some mean-looking BMX bikers that want in on the new skatepark. When things start to go wrong on the set, and Peter and Jake realize they are in trouble, everything starts to go downhill. Who could want to hurt them and why?

Skater Stuntboys is one of the four Xtreme books written by Pam Withers: Skater Stuntboys, Adrenalin Ride, Peak Survival and Raging River.  These action packed, adrenalin-seeking books are simple novels, aimed towards young male teenagers, although being a girl, I still thoroughly enjoyed Pam Withers' novels, as they are exciting with not a dull moment. With 191 pages, this adventure/action paperback novel is suitable for ages 10 and up.

Awesome! Another gripping tale of extreme sports, action and friendship. Pam Withers has yet again written a capturing novel that young teens will love and enjoy over and over again. An excellent read for 12-16 year olds with a passion for skateboarding. I have read all of Pam Withers Books, and although this was not my favorite, I would still give it five stars. The only reason I liked some of her books more is that I was more interested in the sports that the novels were featuring. Bikers, skiers, boarders, kayakers and skateboarders, check out Pam Withers books, and you are almost guaranteed to love them!

Here is what some extreme athletes say about the Pam Withers Xtreme novels :
Adrenalin Ride:  "My passion is mountain biking and here's a book I know teen riders will love." - Flyin' Brian Lopes, 14-time champion in downhill mountain bike racing, dual slalom, dual and 4X

Peak Survival:  "Super heli-snowboarding and skiing scenes, as good as anything in a Warren Miller movie - all rolled into a first-rate plot of tension and backcountry challenge. Realistic and gripping, a must read!"  -Dan Savage, Editor, Warren Miller's SnoWorld

Raging River:  I loved the book! It was fantastic, I read it all in one sitting.  An action-filled tale of adventure in the Canadian wilderness.  These boys experience a dream adventure!"  - Scott Shipley, three-time Olympian, ten-time U.S. National Champion kayak racer, and author of Every Crushing Stroke: The Book of Performance Kayaking


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