Sarah's Stars

Robin McKinley. The Blue Sword
Harper Collins Canada  $25.99 (cloth)  $7.99 (paper)
ISBN 0688009387  288 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

The Blue Sword tells the story of Angrahad Crewe, nicknamed Harry. When her parents die suddenly, she is shipped off to Istan, the last Homelander settlement, which sports a military outpost by the name of the General Leonard Ernest Mundy, where Harry's brother Richard Crewe is stationed. Istan shares its border with Damar, the desert country of the mysterious Hillfolk. Harry is bored with her dull life in Istan and longs for adventure. When the Hillking Corlath comes to Istan, Harry's dull life explodes into full colour and she is thrown into the middle of the adventure she wished for. Fighting for her life and liberty against new threats Harry discovers who she truly is and what her destiny holds in store.

It's a thrilling read, from front to back cover. You can't put it down! Robin McKinley is a master in the art of fantasy and has written several other young adult books. The Hero and the Crown was written after The Blue Sword, but I recommend that you read it first; it makes more sense that way. Ms. McKinley has also written several versions of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast and each is more entertaining than the last. The Blue Sword is a great fiction story with a dash of adventure and a pinch of fantasy thrown in. All in all it's a great book and I would recommend it to anyone over the age of nine. Boys, girls and adults alike will love The Blue Sword.

I'd give The Blue Sword five out of five.


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