Sarah's Stars

Maxine Trottier. Terry Fox: A Story of Hope
Scholastic  $16.99  ISBN 0-439-94888-6  29 pg.
Reviewed by Gavin, Age 11

This is an inspiring book about Terry Fox. Itís really amazing what he did and how much money he raised for cancer. It was unfair how he died. He was extremely brave, and he never gave up.

There are many good photographs in the book. Each photo has some information about it: telling you who the people are, whatís happening, and the dates. We watched a movie at school for the Terry Fox  25th Anniversary, and in the movie it told how Terry refused to go to the hospital until the pain in his lungs got so bad that he finally gave in. This book doesnít tell that part of the story.

I rate this book four stars, because to me, it missed an important part.


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