Sarah's Stars

James Stimson. Thirteen O’Clock
Chronicle Books  $21.95  ISBN 0-8118-4839-6  29 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

"It was a fairly normal night, in a fairly normal house, that is with the exception of one thing - this old house had an old clock whose numbers counted not twelve… but a spooky number thirteen.”

Unusual?  Not for this house of alarming monsters.  When the mysterious old clock strikes thirteen, creatures creep and crawl carefully about the house, finally stopping at the room at the end of the hall.  The monsters’ count begins.  After ending, an unexpected voice calls out, “thirteen”.  Who, or what, can this be that scares even the scariest beast?

James Stimson’s first book, Thirteen O’clock, is entertaining to read aloud as he uses many different fonts to get a thrilling effect when used in the proper style.  I delighted in reading this story.  Children’s eyes will grow large as this spellbinding book carries them through one night at thirteen o’clock.  I strongly recommend parents to read it to their children from six years to eight years.  The pictures in this book are done in pencil and are dark and mysterious to fit the story.  I rate Thirteen O’Clock four stars.


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