Visions of Matthew
Mark, Age 16, Vancouver, BC

The bathroom mirror is all a smear
As you watch someone die
In your eyes
And as we move on
You realise
That everything is the same
But yet you know what's the game
But these Visions of Matthew
Are upon us and you
As we see the man get killed
Once again

We look to the left and we see the pit
And he and she and it
Aren't around
They know that we won't go down
Unless we believe
But these Visions of Matthew
Will help us through today
And help towards another way

We watch the son die
As he screams and cry
"Why me why me why me???"
And the question has not been answered
For today is his birthday
Another gone
And yet he won
But these Visions of Matthew
Are the ghosts inside
For all life is just a ride

So the ghosts ask for you to be quiet
And we try everything to keep it
And the Visions of Matthew
All are we know
Just so we can go
Into life as a better man or woman
And as Matthew tells you how life is
You smile and nod your head
For tomorrow will be your last sorrow

And as we hold our fear
We all know we can hear
The sneer of the others
And before you die
The last thing you see
Is the Vision of Matthew
Which sets everyone free
So the last wish you asked is
"Will there ever be life again?"
And the Vision of Matthew answers back
"Yes and it's all in your head just lie back
And close your eyes for everything
Will be alright"

And so the Visions of Matthew
Lets you
Forget about life
And the wife
Who is crying in the corner
She knows this is the last time
She'll ever be able to say
"I love you"
And she lets go
And she knows
That she'll never be able to love another

Those are the Visions of Matthew
And if you see one
Just smile
Don't you frown
Just know that it was a good time
And now you have to go

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