Just Write!
Diana, Age 10, Willoughby Hills, OH

At all ages, you are inspired to just write! Frequently, your teacher will tell you to write a story or a summary of a chapter you’ve read, or she might just say “Be creative!” You listen and think, “What should I write?” You look around at other students’ work to try to get an idea.

My advice is simply not to do that! You can if you are only putting it in your own words, and not the exact words of your classmates. If you do decide to take a look at what other kids have written, you’re stealing ideas and taking credit for something that you didn’t think of.

To write a story all you need is your imagination! Think of your imagination as a world- a world that you’ve created in your mind.  A story can be written about a vacation, party, or just hanging out with your friends! But if you decide to write make-believe stories, you can use your imagination by creating the characters and the environment they live in.

Let's say that the story that you’re to write is for school, so you come in the next day with your story and show it to your friends. One of them says, “Your story isn’t that long. That means that you aren’t a good writer”. As they say “Words hurt more than actions”, and sometimes those words just slip out. It doesn’t matter how long your story is, or if you have misspelled a word. What really matters is that you actually took the time to do the assignment, and at that same time you didn’t steal any of your classmates’ ideas!

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