Sarah's Stars

Francis Chalifour. After
Tundra  $9.99  ISBN 0-88776-705-2  133 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley, Age 13

Imagine being a regular fifteen-year-old boy, with a family a little short of money, but still living a life of happiness. Then everything changes. Your father loses his job, and goes into depression. What happens next changes your life forever. Your father commits suicide in your attic.

Thatís what Francis is dealing with. His mother, now in deep depression because of her loss, is hardly managing to sustain Francis and his younger brother Luc. It is an inspiring story of a young boy and how he copes. The question is, will his family be able to pull through? Will he be able to pull through, and regain some of his closest friends?

After is a paper back novel written by Francis Chalifour. It contains 133 pages and is suitable for grades 6 and up, but I would recommend it for older readers. This realistic fiction novel costs $9.99 in Canada. Francis Chalifour has written other books; his first published being Zoom Papaye.

After is a moving book, a real reality check. Francis isnít the only person suffering. Iím sure there are many people with huge tragedies in their lives, and After really makes you contemplate oneís life. It was an excellent book, with only a few slow parts.

I would rate this book 4 stars.


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