The Bus
Hailey, Age 11, Chilliwack, BC

I ride home
On the bus
For 40 minutes
The bus is loud because
Yahoos are screaming
And the bus driverís yelling at them

I stare out the window, sometimes sitting
By myself
I think about things and block out the noise
Sometimes I just, want to be

People look at me when they are finding a seat,
With weird expressions on their faces
But I don't care, and why should they?
They probably think that Iím some loner,
But Iím not,
I just don't want to talk

On cold rainy days, the windows fog up
And everyone wants the window seat, where
They can rest their feet on the heater
And draw what they want on the windows
Leaving their mark
Sometimes I get scared,
Because the bus is so big, and on the rainy roads
It sometimes slips

On hot summer days,
Itís so hot in the bus that we all open the windows, but that still
Isnít enough
The last people on the bus (thatís me)
Have to close the windows, but
We don't mind
What's another window to us?

The Bus, oh The Bus
Is filled mostly with cuss

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