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Cathy Beveridge. Chaos in Halifax
Ronsdale  $9.95  ISBN 1-55380-019-2  203 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

“Michael, we have to get out of here. Now!”

This story, based on the 1917 Halifax explosion, takes place both in 1917 and the present day. Jolene and her grandfather discover a magical opening that leads into the past and Jolene befriends a girl from long ago.

On her second trip to the ancient times in Halifax, Jolene’s twin brother, Michael, travels with Jolene and their grandfather. Using their knowledge from the future, Jolene and Michael realize their friend is in danger. Although their grandfather forbids them to, Michael and Jolene travel without him to the past in the hopes of saving their new friend’s life. The two ships that cause the 1917 explosion are about to collide! Will the twins get to their friend in time to save her and her family?

I enjoyed reading Chaos in Halifax because it is a well-paced adventure based on a real event. Girls and boys from ages ten and up will take pleasure in this captivating novel. You will also enjoy reading this book if you are fond of adventure stories, as this tale is a wonderful escapade. Cathy Beveridge uses many expressive words that form a clear picture when you read this account of the actual 1917 Halifax explosion.

I rate Chaos in Halifax four stars.


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