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Diane Haynes. Flight or Fight
Walrus  $8.95  ISBN 1-55285-658-5  275 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 11

““How many times will they wash him?” Jane asked.
“Until the water comes clean,” answered Evie. “We have to get it all now. He’ll be lucky to survive this bath. A second round isn’t really an option.”

Flight or Fight is a brand spanking new series. Jane Ray’s Wildlife Rescue Series is about wildlife rescues with a hint of danger. Diane Haynes is an incredible author who writes a novel brimming with adventure. You are sure to enjoy this heart-stopping new book.

The first book in Jane Ray’s Wildlife Rescue Series is mainly about Jane, a kind-hearted teen, who encounters a duck in the ocean fighting to survive. Quick thinking Jane rushes the bird to a nearby Wildlife Rehab Center. At the center she learns that there has been an oil spill and innumerable birds are in immediate danger. Her heart goes out to the birds, but what can she do. Throughout the book she discovers a way to help, but is distracted by Jake, her handsome boyfriend, and a small amount of people who don’t want her to help. Someone is determined to stop Jane. Can she stay safe and help the birds?

Flight or Fight is the book for you if you, like Jane, love animals and yearn for adventure. I would recommend it to avid readers between the ages of 11-14. This novel really opens your eyes to what is happening in our own world.

Flight or Fight
deserves five stars.


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