Halloween 1973
Tanner, Age 12, Merced, CA

I stood there staring at him with my bloody hands, and my clothes drenched with blood. Should I kill him quick and easy or let him suffer just how I had to? Suffer, yeah that’s the way to get revenge, suffer. This is how it all started. It was Halloween 1973. I was ten years old. I had gone trick or treating with my little brother Timmy and our best friend Howard. We came back to my grandma’s house and were so hyped up on sugar we couldn’t go to sleep. So we decided to play hide and seek. My brother and I went and hid while Howard tried to find us. My brother and I went and hid in the closet. Little did I know that it would be the last time I saw my brother alive! My brother and I had been trapped in that closet for three days! Yet nobody came looking for us. We had been screaming for hours and hours. After a few days of scratching and pounding at the door the tiny shavings of wood had built up under my finger nails. I spent hours picking the splinters out of my skin. Later that night I went to wake up my brother. “Timmy wake-up.” Wake up I said. But he didn’t wake up, he didn’t even move! He had died he must of died from hunger, but I couldn’t except the fact that he was dead. “No, No!” I told myself. But he was dead.

After awhile my brother's body started to give off one of the most putrid smell ever. I couldn’t stand the smell, the darkness, and now my stomach aching for something to sooth its hunger aching for anything. All the blood from Timmy’s corpse had started to drip through the door and turn the carpet into a gory red color. Then I heard a scream, my grandma’s voice. “Grandma!”, I yelled, but no one came. Then I heard two men's voices saying “Where is it?” "There, in there, please, please get it!” said my Grandma. I stopped for a second, wondering what they were doing, and then I noticed. There was blood dripping trough the door. Yes, that must be it, that means I’m saved, “I’m saved!” I thought to myself. Then I saw the doorknob slowly turn and the door swooshed open. I saw two police officers pointing there guns straight at me. I stared into their badges and saw my reflection. My face and hands were covered in blood. They put me in handcuffs and called somebody on the phone. I waited for a while, and then three people came with really thick gloves on and a white uniform on. They grabbed me and dragged me towards a big van with a giant cage in it. I squirmed, kicking and screaming, and then I bit one of the guy’s shoulders. I ran into the backyard getting closer and closer to the fence. BAM!! I tripped over a rock falling into the pool. I couldn’t get out; I was going too drowned to death. I saw a bright light and then it all went dark. What happened? I thought to myself, did I die or what?

When I woke up I couldn’t move. And it was hard to see. I noticed that the room I was in was all padded and in one of the walls was a tiny window. Then a big piece of the wall opened up. It had to be a door, but I couldn’t see it if it was closed. Some people came in and grabbed me, pulling me out of the padded room and took me to a lady who kept asking me why I killed my younger brother. I screamed, just wanting her to be quiet. I hated going there. They took me there every day, and every single day for the next thirty-two years. Thirty-two years of anger building up inside of me, and I only had one person I could blame, Howard. I had a plan I was going to break out tomorrow. When they come tomorrow I will break free and go track down Howard. Then when I find him I could get revenge sweet, sweet revenge.

The day had come, and I was ready to break out. I heard a loud screech, the same screech when they open the door which leads to my padded cell. I heard foot steps coming closer and closer. That and their two voices were the only thing making sound. I could barely make out what they were saying, but they were talking back and forth to each other. I ran and hid behind the cell door. Then slowly the door started to open. I jumped out and kicked one of the guys against the wall, and punched the other guy in the face. After that I just kept beating on them with all of my force. I looked at them as they were knocked out lying on the floor, and saw one of the guys had a bunch of keys in his belt. I grabbed them and unlocked the face mask that they put on me. I started to walk down the hall trying to find an exit. I finally found an exit after a few minutes of searching the long hallways made of a bright white color which aggravated my eyes for a little while. When I got outside I looked around and nobody was there, it was completely silent except for the faint humming coming from the light. I was walking and walking until finally I saw the old market. Except now the Market was closed down and had graffiti all over it. What a shame I thought to myself. Then I recognized my grandma’s old street, and soon enough I spotted my Grandma's house.

I went around into the back yard and looked through the window, but it wasn’t my grandma sitting in there. There was a whole family inside, a mom, a dad a little boy and a little girl. The man’s face looked familiar. I slowly started to recognize the man in the house. No it wasn’t, it couldn’t be, it was, it was Howard. What, why would he be in my grandmas house, why would he be in there but not my Grandma? I thought to myself. He must be living in there now. I couldn’t take it, I just had to get revenge for him leaving me and my brother in the closet and not finding us. I must get revenge. Tonight I would get my revenge.

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