I Need Help
Hanna, Age 12, Fairfax, VA

I thought he was cute,
Just a crush,
On some "hot" guy from gym class.

Then I sat with
His best friend
In health.

We started talking.
We talked about this,
And that,
And then he asked me,
Out of the blue,
If I'd ever cut my self with a knife.

What a weird question to ask
Someone you barely know.
But I answered him
"Not intentionally."
then he told me
That he had,

My friend butted in,
She couldn't believe it,
Called him stupid,

"I know,"
He said to me.
"That's what my scar says."

I sat there,
And then we couldn't talk
We had to work.

It's not that I like "Loser,"
Not exactly,
I'm just curious.
And I still can't figure out
Why he told me,
Of all people.

I'm not pretty,
Or preppy,
Or cute,
I'm just plain old me.
Why would Mr. Popular and Cool
Talk to me?
I wish I could get to know
The real him
A little bit more.

To mix me up even more,
My friend tells me
"You know he likes you, right?"

A week ago,
I would've been thrilled.
The kid from gym class
And me.

But now,
I have a feeling
That "Loser"
Likes me, too.

If I'm wrong,
Oh well,
So what?
But I have to say
That someone complex and deep
Attracts me
Much more than someone
"Cute" or "Hot"

I don't know what to do.
I guess I'll just have to
Wait and see.
I hate it.

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