Sarah's Stars

Gordon Korman. Maxx Comedy
Scholastic  $6.99  ISBN 0-439-96121-1  150 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

And that was when Max caught sight of it, the poster under the oozing gob of cherry chocolate. A message that could only have been meant for him. A message that would change his life.

Max Carmody is the class clown, always goofing off, always ready with a joke. That's why he knows his time has come when he hears of the 'Funniest Kid in America' contest. But will Max ever find an audience that's right for him? Follow Max, his friends, Maude and Big Bird, on a hilarious comic journey!

From start to finish, Maxx Comedy is a side-splitting hilarious tale, full of wit, humour and laughter. If you have never read a book by Gordon Korman before, this is the time to start! Other hits by this fantastic author include the popular Everest, Island and Dive trilogies.

Maxx Comedy is a treasure. It had me in tears from laughing, and I know that other people will enjoy it, too. I would recommend children ages 8-11 read Maxx Comedy. It has large text and is fairly easy to read... great for readers just into chapter books. Better yet, it's a great book to read aloud with your kids!

I would give Maxx Comedy five out of five stars.


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