Sarah's Stars

Robin Muller. Moon and Star: A Christmas Story
North Winds  $19.99  ISBN 0-439-97466-6  30 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

“It was said that the toy that stood at the top of the tree watched over all the other toys, making sure they went to the ones who would love them best.”

Moon, a gentle dog who lives in a toyshop, secretly loves one toy above all others, a porcelain cat which he hopes to keep for himself. On Christmas Eve, a rich woman comes into the toyshop and buys Moon’s much-loved friend. Moon chases the woman to get his friend back, but instead of finding his beloved friend, Moon finds a box in which the broken cat lies. Will the magic of Christmas appear this year and mend Moon’s broken heart or will the peaceful dog always miss his treasured friend?

This touching Christmas story will delight children from four to seven. Emotion-filled pictures accompany a heart-warming tale. I enjoyed reading this exceptional book. This is another account about the wonderful magic of Christmas and it reminded me of The Velveteen Rabbit because of how a loved toy is lost and then found.

I give Moon and Star five stars.


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