Sarah's Stars

Robert Munsch. The Paper Bag Princess
Annick  $19.95  ISBN 1-55037-915-1  63 pg.
Reviewed by Gavin, Age 10

The Paper Bag Princess is a great book for kids aged four to six. I really liked all the stuff they put in the beginning about the author and illustrator, and how they thought up the story, and the real Elizabeth.

I liked the pictures, they were very clear and they had a lot of expression so that you didnít even have to read the story to understand. It was cool how Elizabeth outsmarted the dragon. It was funny how the only thing she had to wear was a paper bag and a crown. My favorite picture was when the dragon ran out of fire because I could just imagine him blowing out forty forests and then all of a sudden he tries to blow down more, and nothing comes out except a tiny puff of smoke.

Parents could still read this book and enjoy it just as much as kids because it tells about a very brave girl and has lots of humor in the words and in the pictures. I would rate this book five stars.


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