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Nancy Russell. Rink Of Dreams
Key Porter  $15.95  ISBN 1-55263-727-1  256 pg.
Reviewed by Whitney, Age 12

Something big was about to happen. Gary knew it as soon as he saw the Television trucks parked outside the Charlottetown Civic Centre.

Thirteen-year-old Gary MacDonald loves to play hockey. Every year he looks forward to making his backyard rink with his Dad. But this year, Gary feels it’s not going to happen. His dad is too depressed about the divorce. Gary doesn’t know what to feel, happy or sad, because this year he is on the Bantam AAA team for the Charlottetown Abbies! But things aren’t going too great, what with a bully on his team. One day Gary figures out that his favourite team, the Snow Dogs, is coming to Prince Edward Island, better yet, Charlottetown! Now he has a lot of pressure building up on him, what with his parents divorce, being the smallest player on his team, and a Russian player (Dmitri Rushkov) depending on him to teach him the ‘ways’ of Canada.

Canadian author Nancy Russell wrote Rink Of Dreams. Russell writes fiction books for kids ages 10-14. All of her books are set on Prince Edward Island. I recommend reading Farwell to the Ferryboats, One Magical Summer, Light the Way Home, and of course, Rink of Dreams. Rink Of Dreams is a paperback fiction novel with 256 pages. I recommend this book for kids in grades 6-9.

This is an excellent book to read! I felt that you could read it any time of the day, or just when there is nothing to do. But be aware, you will get lost in the story! This page-turner keeps you hanging after each chapter. There are many characters, and some dramatic moments that will keep you reading forever. For girls, like myself who read this book, you get sucked into Gary’s life even though he is a boy! Anybody who reads this book almost feels like you know Gary personally. I loved this book and I think you will too!

I give Rink of Dreams five stars.


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