Sarah's Stars

Mary Pope Osborne. Rocking Horse Christmas
Scholastic  $22.99  ISBN 0-590-91955-0  32 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

"The boy found the rocking horse under the tree. He pushed it softly and made it rock. 'I'll call you Shadow', he said. Then he climbed on Shadow's back and they took off..."

Shadow and the boy travel the globe on adventures only a child can imagine. But as the boy grows, Shadow is pushed aside for other toys. He sits in the attic and watches his boy grow. Will he ever be loved again?

Mary Pope Osborne writes with such beauty and simplicity that the story comes alive before your eyes. Of course, the gorgeous paintings that illustrate the story help. Rocking Horse Christmas makes you want to dive back into those wild adventures of your childhood and relive every moment spent with your favourite stuffies. It pulls just the right heartstrings and leaves you with a bit of an ache in your chest. Children will be entranced with the magic of the rocking horse and adults will be touched once again by the sadness that visits us as we remember carefree days of the past.

I would recommend that Rocking Horse Christmas be read to children between the ages of 2 and 7. Of course, it's such a beautiful story that everyone else will want to listen in, too.

I'd give Rocking Horse Christmas a bold five out of five stars.


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