A Scary Movie
Kirsten, Age 12, Merced, CA

“Put it in already!” Sammy snapped, “I come in here to watch a movie and here you are taking your sweet time and utterly wasting mine!”

“Alright, I’m putting it in okay.” George replied in the same irritated tone. “I was just trying to find the title; it doesn’t seem to be here, but when I bought it the clerk said it was a really scary movie.”

“I bet it would be a better movie if we could actually watch it.” Sammy replied madly.

“Ok, it’s in now… happy?” said George with frustration.

When the movie was about half way through something weird happened: the characters in the movie started talking to them and during this weird, abnormal conversation the two didn’t notice that they were slowly being sucked into the movie. Finally, they realized what was happening and they started to panic, thinking that there was some hope that this would be a quick dilemma.

“What is happening?” asked Sammy screaming, as they realized that they were being sucked into the movie.

“How am I supposed to know?” thought George, “I mean, this couldn’t be real.”

“Of course this is real,” said the movie character known as Irma, as if reading George's thoughts, “and I hate to break it to you but you two are stuck here unless you figure out… oh never mind.”

“Unless what?” asked Sammy frantically.

Irma whispered something that they couldn’t hear and disappeared.

“Where’d she go?” Sammy screamed just as scared as a kindergartner would when they were hit by a bully.

“Where are we?” cried Sammy!

“Don’t you remember anything?” George practically yelled. “We’re in the movie in Loco-Kiki-Mocker Ville!”

“Oh!!!” Sammy exclaimed. “How are we going to go home?” Sammy asked getting worried.

“You don’t …” Irma said darkly. Someone was standing beside her; Sammy thought this was the character named Estella.

“What?” Sammy asked kind of scared.

“You don’t leave this world!” Irma snapped.

“What?” Sammy repeated.

“What part of you don’t leave this world, don’t you understand!?!” Estella yelled nastily! “You are our prisoners, and you won’t be leaving for a while.”

"What! NO!!!!!” Sammy screamed.

“Take them away! Estella yelled and a ghost army started coming up from the ground they were standing on.

“Run!” George yelled.

They ran for there lives, the two of them did. Sammy desperately wondered what they would do. George looked behind him. The ghost army was still following them. “How would they get out of here?” he wondered. “Would they be able to get out of here, or did we have to stay here like Estella said?” In mid-thought they ran into one of the ghosts, who seemed to be the fiercest that they had seen so far.

“George, watch out!” Sammy yelled. “That ghost is going to slay you like a dragon!”

The ghost was drawing its enormous sword with bloodthirsty eyes. George had fear in his eyes when he said “Wait a minute! Ghosts can’t hurt us; we’ll go right through them! So, all we have to worry about is Irma, Estella and their army of movie characters! Unless we can find a portal back into the real world before they figure out that we can avoid their ghost army. Sammy are you listening to me?”

“What’s that?” Sammy asked.

George replied, “It looks like… our living room???”

“So if we can get there we can get back home…” Sammy started.

... and act like nothing happened,” George finished.

“Lets go,” they said together.

They ran toward the picture. As they came near they realized that it was too
high for them to reach and that Estella was coming for them with her “army”. They
looked at each other in fright. George, being the stronger one, lifted Sammy up to the
picture, and she in turn grabbed George's arm and lifted him up. They jumped into
their living room, turned off the television, took out the movie and smashed it.

George had only one thing to say: “The clerk was right; that was a scary movie.”

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