Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Victoria, Age 12, Connecticut, USA

Down south, in New Orleans,
not necessarily,
during hurricane season,
news alerts everywhere
telling citizens to
Hurricane Katrina hit
coming in quickly and strong.
Through everything
a percentage of people
were not going to budge.
would not stop them.
this is what happened.
Shattered dreams,
and broken hearts,
as innocent people’s houses
became dilapidated,
and the city grew vacant.
human waste,
and even humans
filled the flooded streets,
packed with
motor boats,
and swimming souls,
hoping to be seen.
Missed memories,
go down the drain,
along with games and toys.
Citizens drowning,
dropping like flies.
We all hope,
we will get by.
If only
they would have thought.
If only
this was just a bad dream.
Luckily, there will be enough help
coming and going around,
we will.
I know,
I know.

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