The Sky
Hailey, Age 11, Chilliwack, BC

The sky is blue
As I am true
The sky is like a cage,
Keeping us all in
The sky is beautiful
And even though I’m eleven,
I still think that the clouds are puffy pillows
I know they aren’t, but in Heaven,
Maybe God will make puffy pillows,
For all the people who believe and wish them to be
But not on earth, just in Heaven
Because if they were on earth
How would the planes fly?
They’d have to watch out for the floating pillows
All over their former sky

One of my wishes is to just lie on the clouds,
And watch the sky
And never say
Oh, how I wish I could fly,
Up high in the sky
With the birds, and the bees
And maybe even the trees
If we all could fly, so very high in the sky
Then we’d all fly into each other maybe
And the sky would be full of tiny dots, moving
So it wouldn’t be as beautiful, if you were on earth,
Tilting your head up high

Maybe in a parallel universe,
We all would just fly and live, and be happy
If we did, then God would have to make oxygen all over,
Not just in the low parts of the sky
But would we be happy, just flying up in the sky,
Laying on clouds and watching the sky,
And talking to our friends?
Or would we want more,
And wish that we couldn’t fly?
And would the birds watch us and say,
Oh, how I wish we could fly
Would that happen?
Would we want more?
Yes, my answer is yes,
And I think that
Because we want more now,
And we wish things now
So why would it be any different
Then, when we could fly, so very high up
In the

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