Sarah's Stars

Andrew Breakspeare. Snowdragon
Scholastic  $18.99  ISBN 0-439-95228-X  22 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

Just as they finished, a powerful beating of wings sent snow flying up all around them. When it settled, Billy stared in disbelief.

When Billy sees Snowdragon fall out of the sky, he rushes to help the little dragon. The beastís parents come to take him home and in payment for helping Snowdragon, Billy gets to come too. When the day is over, Billy falls asleep on a fluffy white cloud only to wake up in his own bedroom. Did Billy just dream his whole day of playing, or are Snowdragon and his parents actually real?

The pictures in Snowdragon are bright and sparkly, and the images are raised, enhancing their appeal. The thick pages in this book are fantastic for younger readers. I recommend that parents read this to their children from three to seven years old. This book is about friendship and is a heart-warming story. Although it is a short tale, it is a magnificent one. I delighted in reading Snowdragon and I rate it four stars.


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