My Super Sandwich
Elana, Age 9, Newton Square, PA

First, two loaves of crusty bread,
And load on leaves of lettuce head.
Then Swiss cheese, Cheddar, Muenster, goat,
And mayonnaise - a double coat.
Brown spicy mustard, hard boiled eggs,
On top of bread, chicken legs,
Then pickles sour, pickles sweet,
And pungent pickled piggies' feet,
A half a cup of smashed sardines,
A 12-ounce can of pinto beans,
One pound of roasted beef, thinly sliced,
Turkey copped, salami diced,
A layer of imported ham,
A jar of Grandma's homemade jam,
Two cups of crispy bacon bits,
Six olives-take out all the pits,
A spattering of onion dip,
One really big potato chip,
Green chili peppers, fiery hot,
One pot roast (don't include the pot),
Four finely grated licorice sticks,
One tablespoon of brownie mix,
Tomatoes - beefsteak, cherry, plum,
Two packs of purple bubble gum.
Then slice the towering thing in two.
You'll need a chain saw to cut it through.
It's leaning slightly to the right-
Impossible to take a bite!
There's too much stuff between the bread,
Let's called the pizza place instead.
And order mine with sausage, please,
Anchovies, mushrooms, extra cheese....
No, wait, before I strain my brain-
On second thought, just make mine plain.

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