Where'd You Go?
Katherine, Age 12, Reston, VA

Dedicated to my old friends from Hunters Woods Elementary who are at a different middle school than I.

As I am walking down the hallways,
I strain to see your faces.
But they never appear.
I strain to see the smiles
And to hear the laughter
That used to ring in the halls.
But it never comes.
Then I remember
That youíre no longer with me.
You no longer can laugh with me,
Or at me, for that matter.
I will never hear your sad stories
I will never be able to
Comfort your sorrows again
In these empty halls.
And you will never be able
To hear my sad stories,
Youíll never be able
To wipe away my tears again.
Iíll never hear your voice
Echoing in these deserted halls.
Iíll never listen to your laughter,
Chasing away the dreariness of the day.
I pause in the daily rush
To arrive at each class.
Oh how much I wish
That you could be hear
With me.
I miss you.

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