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Berkeley Breathed. A Wish for Wings that Work (An Opus Christmas Story)
Little, Brown & Co.  $10.99  ISBN 0-316-10758-1  28 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

"Fly," Opus whispered to himself as he ran to the top of Duck's Breath Ridge at dawn to watch the snow ducks soar above. "Fly!" he whispered as he lifted his wings and waited to be swept up beneath the fading Christmas moon with the other birds. But it was on mornings such as this that Opus's heart grew as cold as his nose. A penguin can surely say the word fly but he cannot do it.

Opus is a penguin with bigger than usual dreams. He wants to fly, to soar like other birds to the clouds above. But as we all know penguins cannot fly. Although Opus is a very likeable bird with a taste for anchovy Christmas cookies, he has trouble fitting in with other birds.

"It is not our pleasure to share with birds whose wings do not work." But lucky for Opus, Christmas is coming and he has a plan to get him up in the air. Christmas holds some surprising things in store for Opus and along the way he discovers just what it takes to find wings that work.

A Wish for Wings that Work is a memorable Christmas story that children will want to read again and again. It's one of those books that no matter how many times you read it, you still can't get enough. Opus's attempts to get himself in the air will leave you laughing and asking for more. A Wish for Wings that Work leaves a warm glow in your heart. Christmas is like no other time of the year and Opus brings a whole new perspective to the traditional 'Santa's Wish List'.

Although this book is written for younger children (ages 3-8), adults and children of all ages will love Opus and A Wish for Wings that Work.

I'd give A Wish for Wings that Work four and a half stars.


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