The Christmas Bunny
Lexi, Age 12, Thibodaux, LA

There once was a little bunny. Christmas was coming up and she had yet to buy all of her gifts. She had twelve friends to buy for, her family, and her neighbor. She thought she couldn't possibly get it all done for Christmas. Christmas was in three days. She was so confused. She went and then asked her mom for help. She needed to get a ride to go to the store. When she got a hold of her mom, she was glad enough to bring her into town to buy her gifts. The little bunny's problem was yet to begin. She knew she needed presents and gifts, but what she forgot was to buy bows, wrapping, and labels to tell who they were for. The little bunny never even noticed.

When she then got home, she finally noticed, but her mom already drove away. She was so mad that she didn't write it down. It was the first time that happened because little bunny was always forgetting so she had to write it down. She thought she was so in a hurry that she forgot to buy them. She had started to cry because she would never be able to be ready for Christmas with all of her gifts.

So, she called her friend to go to the store, and she told the little bunny sure I'll bring you. After, the little bunny's friend finally showed up and brought little bunny to the store. She bought all of the things she needed for her to wrap the gifts and do what she needed to do. She was so happy. She finally was ready for Christmas. It was a short chance for little bunny. In the end little bunny came up with a poem for each of the gifts. She was happy enough to share one.

Roses are red and violets are blue.
Here is a special gift just for you.
I bought and bought to get this dear gift.
For you to enjoy in a drift.

They all accepted little bunny's present and gifts. She was happy and they were happy, and they chose to live like they were before, all together in the fights and wars.

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