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Karen Rivers. The Cure for Crushes
Polestar  $11.95  ISBN 1-55192-779-9  300 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 15

Well, she’s back – seventeen-year-old Hayley Harmony and TGYHL2 (The Greatest Year of Her Life, Part 2). This time she has a boyfriend, but is now having great troubles controlling her crushes on other guys. While looking up all the possible ailments she could have, Hayley is now looking for a cure for crushes. But that one is not so easy – it doesn’t appear on

The Cure for Crushes was definitely TMABTY (The Most Amusing Book of The Year). I actually laughed out loud when I read this book! Hayley Harmony’s life (and her outlook on it) is amazingly written and formatted in the novel. I love the daily reports on her mood, health, hair, horoscope and JT sightings, not to mention her absurd lists, and “Note to Self” inserts. I think that anyone over fourteen will enjoy this book, especially if they like fun, comical novels.

I would recommend reading The Healing Time of Hickeys first, for a better understanding of Hayley and her friends. This novel is definitely worth five stars, and it is one I will be adding to my collection since I will read it again.


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