The Dancer's Night Before Christmas
Diana, Age 10, Willoughby Hills, OH

It was the morning before Christmas and the studio was lively
Mary was dancing, cheerful as can be
In her costume of red with a slight bit of green
She had the Christmas spirit in her, you see
Mary looked beautiful and ready to go
With her hair in a bun tied with a bow
She looked stern and polite in a pose
And waited silently till the music arose
Mary started to dance when the music began
She turned and swirled and twirled many times
then jumped and leaped again and again
and even fumbled and made mistakes sometimes
Class was over and it was time to get home
Mary had to prepare for Christmas in a hurry
So she got ready in all most a second
She had to move fast because there was a snow flurry
As soon as she arrived she decided to make hot chocolate
Then sat closely by the fire
She couldn't wait for Santa to come
She could only dream of presents that she would soon admire
Mary sat at her desk took out a pen and paper
She started to write Santa a note
Then included that her siblings didn't believe in him
and hoped that she didn't hurt his feelings
with the point she was trying to promote
Then went off to bed silently in amazement
She lay in her bed waiting for morning
Then she drifted off to sleep until suddenly
The sound of sleigh bells arose that she just couldn't stop ignoring
For it was Santa!
She ran to her window to see what was the matter
then looked up into the sky to see such a sight
a miniature sleigh jumped onto the roof with a huge clatter
Mary crept down the stairs and stood there hiding
When a man appeared under the fireplace
She gasped at the sight
He started to put gifts under the tree each in a different place
What a sight this was!
A man in a red suit looking jolly and sweet
With rosy cheeks and a button nose
giving every stocking a special treat
As soon as he was done he picked up his bag
Then up the chimney he went with a snap of his fingers
Then onto his sleigh ready to go,
Singing out all the reindeer as his voice lingers
But Mary heard him say
As he dove out of sight
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night!

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