The Dog Bear
Kristal-Ann, Age 10, Madras, OR

We were driving to the city to get a dog. My  dad wanted a hunting dog. He wanted a dog for some company when he broke his back. What happened was my dad fell off a ladder when he was working.

But when we got there my parents told my brothers and I to stay in the car so we did. My parents went to get a dog. They came back and said we got him because he lay on my father's foot.

We went home with our new dog. When we got him you could put him in the palm of your hand he was so small and cute. He was a black lab with some chow in him. That was five years in dog years and that was 29 years ago.

The next day was Monday so I had to go to school. When I came home I asked mom and dad, “Have you found a name for him yet?”

My dad said “Yes, Bear.”

I asked “Why?”

He said “Because he growls like one.”

“OK." I said I looked at Bear and said, “So your name is Bear. Well, welcome to the family.”

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