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Susan Fletcher. Dragon's Milk
Aladdin  $6.99  ISBN 0-689-71623  242 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

"'You're dressed.' Granmyr's voice came, close to her ear. "I--I felt something." "Ah," Granmyr said. She touched Kaeldra's arm. "Listen." Outside the wind howled. The cellar shook with the rattle of hail. And then--there it was. High-pitched and plaintive, a new sound twined around the wind wail. It mingled at first, then, growing, dominated, hushed the wind entirely. It was not a human sound, but the feelings it voiced were human. There was triumph in it, but also the underside of triumph: regret, loneliness and despair. It rose, a great soul-sung lament, then all at once it, too, fell silent, its echo retreating back across the moors into the mountains."

As soon as Kaeldra hears the cries in the storm she knows that something is not right. She has always been different: the only farin, the only Krag among the Elythians. Everything about her is wrong. Then the storm comes and with it something bigger and more powerful than anything Kaeldra has ever imagined. It is then that Granmyr tells her of her mother, and of her great-grandmother, Kara of the Green Eyes, Kara the Dragon-sayer. Thrust into the middle of an adventure which she is reluctant to be a part of, Kaeldra must cast aside all that she has ever known, all that she has ever wanted, and become the hero that the dragon-friends so desperately need.

Susan Fletcher is an amazing author. Dragon's Milk is a truly amazing tale. I found my copy at a local book sale for 25 cents. It was worth a hundred times that. I've read it so many times that the spine is starting to crack and break. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I just love it. I would also recommend that anyone who likes Dragon's Milk read the rest of the series: Flight of the Dragon Kyn and Sign of the Dove. Dragon's Milk is actually the first book in the Dragon Chronicles but I recommend that you read Flight of the Dragon Kyn before the other two. It will make much more sense. Girls from the ages of 8-14 will thoroughly enjoy this book and all of the others in the series.

I give Dragon's Milk a shiny gold five out of five stars.


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