Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

I never sleep.
I never dream.
It's endless night,
Without any rest.

I will never be free.
I just look
Outside from
Behind the bars.

There's no fight
Left in me.

But oh,
If I could dream.
Then I would dream.
I would dream
For freedom.

But I can't dream.
For a dream
Is just a dream.
Or is it?

Oh, if I
Could dream.
I would dream
A dream
Of blissful,
Joyful happiness.

But I can't
Dream anymore.
I can only
Scream forevermore.
Or can I?

If I could dream,
I would dream
That I could fly
Far away from here.

If I could dream,
I'd dream
That you were
Still here.

Oh, I would
I wish that I could


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