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Charlotte Gingras. Emily's Piano
Annick Press  $8.95  ISBN 1-55037-912-7  60 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 11

I also have a strange feeling-that I have no choice, that I have to keep looking. If I donít find the piano, a terrible thing will happen to someone. That someone is my mom.

This is a story about Emily, a girl whose family is slowly, but surely falling apart, and the journey she takes to try and save them.

Her parents are going through troublesome times and her mother is really taking it hard. The one thing Emilyís mom takes delight in is the familyís piano. One day her dad leaves, along with the piano; he has sold it. Emily knows that she has lost her dad and her siblings, but she might be able to keep hold of her mom if she finds the piano. The only person who knows where the piano went is her dad, and they are not speaking. What can she do to find the piano, and can she do it before she has lost her mom forever?

Emilyís Piano is a great book for kids from the ages of 8-10. This great, quick read sends an important message, and that is, donít give up, you can make things happen.

Emilyís Piano deserves 4 stars.


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