Greatest, Precious, Richest Gift
Darlene, Age 12, San Bernardino, CA

Behold! The greatest, precious, richest gift of all to me is riding on my back. They all smile and pat him on the head as I pass them through the store. He doesn’t like it, I know he does, but he politely smiles and looks at me, so I can read his mind:

Where’s my reward for this humiliation, Mommy?

I pick up dinner and dessert; pizza and pineapple pie.

He nods and grins approvingly as I pick out his reward: a lollipop of course!

As we exit the store, I take my precious gift off my back, so we can walk across the street. I hold his hand as HARD as I can, so I can never let him go. While we stroll cautiously across the street, the cars and trucks stop all at once, so they can let us pass.

I say in my head: Yeah you better stop!

No, not for me at all.

But for my richest gift that’s whining about squeezing his hand too hard.

I set him free when we reach the sidewalk and ask him for another ride.

He laughs and nods positively and reaches out his arms.

So, once again: the greatest, precious, richest gift to me is riding on my back.

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