Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

Insanity, mixed with
Cruelty, hate, intelligence,
And power
Is what started it.

Seeds of discrimination were planted
Among the Germans
By a man named
Adolf Hitler.

From the seeds
Grew the belief
Of a superior race:
The Nazis.

They rose to seek
And to destroy
The Jewish people.
They showed no mercy.

In one village they
Came to kill the Jews.
There was a Jewish boy of 11,
And his name was Mark Strauss.

He watched
As the soldiers came.
He watched as people
Were tortured and murdered.

He smelled
The blood that was
Running down the street,
The blood of the Jews.

He felt
The pain and
The horror
That filled the streets.

He heard
The many cries for mercy.
He saw
The many tears shed for lost loved ones.

Neighbors were betraying
Their Jewish neighbors.
Mark watched as the Jews
Were taken away.

Mark had to go along
With the Jews
Into the small, smelly,
Ghettos of Hell.

This boy watched
Jews being humiliated,
Jews being tortured,
Jews being mercilessly slaughtered.

Because of a discrimination
Against a people,
Millions and millions
Of Jews died.

When a few seeds of
Discrimination are planted,
All that will be reaped,
Is sorrow and death.

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