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André Alexis. Ingrid and the Wolf
Tundra Books  $12.99  ISBN 0-88776-691-9  159 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

“Terrified, Ingrid turned towards the door. But before she could move, Gabor knocked her down and stood over her, one paw on her chest.”

When Ingrid finally learns who she really is, a countess, she is transported to her grandmother’s mansion. Here, she must pass three difficult tests to become her true self. In the last test, Ingrid goes through a labyrinth where she befriends a wolf named Gabor. She promises to visit him again the next day, but Ingrid’s grandmother forbids her to go back inside the labyrinth. Ingrid is determined not to break her assurance to Gabor, but her grandmother does everything to stop her. Will Ingrid be able to keep her promise to one of her only friends in the vast world?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel by André Alexis. Although the language is a bit simple, the story line is wonderful and you can really connect with the curiosity of the characters. I recommend this fascinating novel to girls from eight to ten.

I rate Ingrid and the Wolf three stars.


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