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Beverley Wood and Chris Wood. Jack’s Knife
Polestar  $12.95  ISBN 1-55192-709-8  293 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

“For a moment it felt almost like old times. Well, not exactly old times, so much as oh, seventy years from now.”

Jack’s Knife tells the story of fourteen-year-old Jackson Kyle (Jack) who magically crawls through time into 1930’s Juneau, Alaska, with a strange stray dog. Jack meets an old (or is it a young?) friend and starts working on a mystery … a mystery that could send the wrong man to jail if Jack does not use the knowledge which he collected in his own time. Will Jack crack this case and be able to find his way back to his own time period or will Jack not only be stuck in the 1930’s, but also in the Juneau jail?

Jack’s Knife is a fabulous book. I really enjoyed reading it because it was so different from the other stories I was reading. The story this book plays out is enthralling and every detail fits into place. If you are interested in mysteries, this is the book for you. A robbery, with many suspects, it truly is a race against time to catch the true thief before an innocent man gets sent to jail. I rate Jack’s Knife four stars.


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