Sarah's Stars

Maureen Garvie. Lake Rules
Key Porter  $15.95  ISBN: 1-55263-672-0  223 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 11

In the center of the windshield was a gaping hole. Filled with a sudden dreadful premonition, we ran back to where we had left the bundle … I was sure it would be gone. But the bundle was still there. Tim gathered it up. “Let's get out of here,” he said. “This place gives me the creeps.” We hurried to the canoe … or at least to where we had left it. The canoe was gone.

Lake Rules was written by Maureen Garvie. Maureen originally started writing this book in her French class, along with the help of Johanne Greenhow, another student in her school. They would pass it back and forth during the school day, eventually she came up with this fantastic book!

Lake Rules is based on how Leia, her mother, and her two younger brothers, Tim and Hugo, move to a cabin on a lake for the summer. Once they get there they meet Cass, another main character. Soon after, they find out that Cass's neighbor is planning to build a trailer park across the lake from them. Because of their love for nature, they end up doing everything they can to stop the process.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, suspenseful moments, and some historical facts as well. I would give this book four-and-one-half stars.


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