Losing and Learning
Taylor, Age 12, El Dorado Hills, CA

They say love is a challenge, and life is the game. From people trying to simply make a difference in the world, to friends, close and dear, then to a greater level, so pure to say. I read once that in order to be a good writer you have had to suffer or be hurt, somehow, that affects your life forever. This was said because if that has happened to a person, "as a writer they would try to find the words, or the meaning for the way they have lived." - Cynthia Rylant.

I did lose someone, Colleen, my mother, but I don't think that made me a better writer. I have lost a lot, but gained from each. My mom taught me to be a strong woman. Happy and True. Brennan, a good friend but a friendship weakening, taught me to enjoy yourself and the people around you. I lost both of these people in a different way, but I also learned something. They are both with me, which makes me realize I am truly blessed. I am able to learn and grow. Love is your heart, life is your love.

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