I'm Me, and You're You
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

Please stop.
Youíre hurting me,
Even though youíre
Trying to comfort me.

Youíre making it worse.

Youíre telling me
That itís okay,
And that you
Know how I feel.

You are so wrong.

You could never imagine
The pain I am experiencing.
You could never understand
The battle going on within me.

So leave me alone.

I am not you.
So how can you
Say you understand,
When you really have no clue?

Stop the acting.

The tears that are dripping
Down my face.
You cannot see them.
You just pretend to.

Stop pretending.

The cries that are coming
From my sore throat,
You cannot hear them.
You just say you can.

Tell the truth.

The strong emotions
That I am feeling,
You cannot possibly
Feel them too.

Stop trying to.

You cannot see my pain,
You cannot hear my thoughts,
You cannot feel what I do,
Because Iím me,
And youíre you.

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