I Need a Bigger Size
Darlene, Age 12, San Bernardino, CA

Thanks for the new last name
Thank God yours is not lame like the others
Finally my name is different from my motherís
Thanks for the new last name

I really donít want to complain
Because after all you gave me a new last name
I wanted to say ďIím sorry, I liedĒ
About the ring that you put on my finger
Because I didnít think that you realized
That this ring belongs to a toddler

You still donít get it do you?
Are you getting kind of confused?
Iím only saying that ring fits a twig
And as you know a twig is not that big
And my finger is the size of a pig's

I didnít really mean to lie
I just thought that you should realize
That I need a bigger size.

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