I Want to Go Out
Hailey, Age 11, Chilliwack, BC

I don't want to stay home
This weekend
With my family
I want to go out with my friends
To the local hockey game where there's
People, food, excitement
I’m sick of staying home,
Watching lame movies or
Playing with my brother, being babysat
I want to go out!
Where there’s
People—lots and never before seen faces
Food—so we can eat so much we burst
Excitement—adrenaline pumping through our bodies
I want to go out so I can come home and flop into bed
—so I can appreciate and love my bed
Go out, so I can get out of this cage-like home
where I’m cooped up every weekend
I want to see my friends, eat junk food, laugh and blow money
I want to feel the energy
I want to live life to its fullest.

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