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William Nicholson. Seeker: The Noble Warriors Trilogy
Egmont (UK)  $24.95 (£12.99)  ISBN 1-4052-1895-9  422 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 12

They are watching. Day by day Their bodies grow weaker. Day by day Their minds grow stronger. Their will reaches out to the little people. Their will finds those who know how to obey. For the Old Ones, this is a matter of life and death. Their life. Everyone else’s death.

Seeker is a fantastic novel written by British author, moviemaker and director, William Nicholson. William Nicholson is famous for making Oscar-winning movie, Gladiator. He has written a number of other series books such as the Wind on Fire Trilogy and the Wind Singer Trilogy. Seeker is a ‘can’t-put-down’ fantasy novel that will surely catch your interest! I suggest it to readers who love a great story line and amazing details.

It’s Seeker after Truth’s sixteenth birthday, and he is finally of age to become one of the Nomana, a legion of fighter monks who fight without weapons. They use nothing but their will and their magic. Their purpose is to bring prosperity to the land and guard The All and Only from the much-dreaded day of The Coming of the Assassin. But, Seeker’s father will not accept it. He wants Seeker to become a teacher just like him. Seeker’s brother, Blaze of Justice, is one of the Nomana, and for an unknown treachery he committed, he is cleansed (wiped of his memory, his understanding, and his feelings) and cast off the home of the Nomana, the island of Anacrea. Seeker outraged by this ‘mutiny’, runs away from his family to join the Nomana and find Blaze. After being rejected, he stows away on a boat heading to the mainland to find his beloved brother, Blaze. Seeker and his newfound friends, Morning Star and the Wildman, also rejects, set out to find a task, ANY task that will give them right to join the Nomana. After finding out about a treacherous plot that will destroy everything that they ever believed in, Seeker and his new friends must succeed in the ultimate test of strength, bravery, and wisdom that may cost them their lives.

Seeker is a fantastic novel that super-glued my eyes to the action-packed, full o’ twists pages. It’s a ‘read ‘til sundown book’! The details gave me a distinct picture in my mind that was as clear as if you were looking straight at it. The story line kept going and going, but ‘the spotlight never wandered.’ It kept on topic and was an all-over wonderful novel! I loved this novel, and I’m sure you will too! This is no doubt a fantastic novel, so I think it’s deserving of an equally fantastic mark.


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