Shopping Spree
Dylan, Age 12, Chackbay, LA

One day I was sitting outside thinking of something to do. Then I walked inside to ask them what they were about to do. They said "Nothing how bout you?" I said I am about to go ask my mom to bring all three of us shopping. My mom said sure what else do I have to do." Then we went to shop.

When we were at the store my mom gave us each 300 dollars. We could have bought anything we wanted. I went to the Mall and my other two friends went to Acemendy. We both shopped in our stores for three hours. When we were finish shopping we went back home. We tried on all of our clothes, and it all fit perfectly.

That is what we did that day. The next day my two friends and I went back to my mom and said "Thank you." She said "you're welcome." Then we all agreed to do this again one day.

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