Sarah's Stars

Gordon Korman. Son of the Mob 2
Scholastic  $9.99  ISBN 0-439-95242-5  268 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

“All Luca people, all here.”

Vince Luca travels to a film school in Los Angeles believing he has left his past life of crime behind. But then, his “family” starts showing up. His brother shows up first, and then his many “uncles”. Thinking that they are up to no good, he blames them for the mysterious disappearance of one of the candidates for the upcoming political election. Vince follows the Luca people to a broken-down warehouse to see what his father’s people are doing. Inside the warehouse, bullets fly and Vince wonders if he will ever escape his family’s business. More importantly, he wonders if he will stay alive.

Gordon Korman did a spectacular job of writing Son of the Mob 2. I recommend children, especially boys from ages eleven to thirteen, read this fascinating novel. This soft cover is the sequel to Son of the Mob and I am currently searching for the first book, as this paperback is such an excellent read. More background from the first novel would have helped my initial confusion but shortly into the story the exciting events captivated me. I rate Son of the Mob 2 five stars.


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