The Teardrop
Angela, Age 12, San Antonio, TX

When a teardrop hits the ground,
Nobody will usually turn around.
They wonít see the eyes
Of someone who cries.
They donít understand why,
A person has to cry.
When that teardrop hits the ground,
At least Iíll turn around

A kid can laugh all day.
And an adult will just sit in a daze.
Maybe one day
Adults won't sit in a daze,
Instead they'll play all day.
If a child didnít wish for tomorrow,
If a baby didnít cry at birth,
If people didnít believe in miracles.
And if there was only bad.
Would life go on?
Would there be tomorrow?
When will people realize,
That without faith,
There might not be tomorrow?

Life is a ride.
With good and bad.
Living hard times,
And laughing,
and smiling at everything else.
My ride has just begun.
For I am young.
I hope my life lasts very long
Like a repeat of my favorite song.

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