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Andreas Schroeder. Thieves!
Annick Press  $9.95  ISBN 1-55037-932-1  158 pages
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 11

Could you imagine pulling a perfectly planned heist, only to be arrested later, because you forgot to do the dishes?? How about stealing a valuable painting for ransom, but then liking it too much to part with it for any price?? These, and eight other suspense filled and comical stories from Thieves, will make you really wonder what makes a thief tick.

Thieves was written by Andreas Schroeder. It has ten true stories that are full of suspense and carefully planned heists. All ten of the true stories in Thieves immediately caught my interest because they all have suspense and a couple of them I even found funny!

I think that Thieves would be a good book for anyone older than 9, because some of the plots need a more mature mind to follow. I really liked Thieves and I would be interested in reading Tunnels, Escapes, Scams and Fires, the other books of True Stories from the Edge series.

This reviewer gives Thieves! 4 and one half stars.


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