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Carol Matas. Turned Away
Scholastic Canada  $14.99  ISBN 0-439-96946-8  199 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 11

Iím going to tell you a bit about my adventures. I must leave names and places out for obvious reasons. The censors might not let it through and one wouldnít want any important information to land in the wrong hands.

Turned Away is the newest edition of the historical Canadian collection, Dear Canada. This unique collection is outstanding because it assists you in understanding Canadian history, as they take place all over Canada, plus a different author has written each book. These stories are written in the structure of a diary. With the books being written in this fashion, when you read about a one main character you can really understand and appreciate them, their disposition, and roles in the book. Another thing to keep in mind is that Carol Matas has written other novels on the Holocaust, so if you valued this particular one you may treasure some of her others.

Dear Canadaís newest edition, which takes place in 1941, is about Devorah Bernstein, a Jewish girl who had immigrated to Canada. Once out of harm's way in Canada, World War II erupts. To her immense dismay her two beloved brothers and cousin leave to serve. Most of Devorahís family is still in France and desperately need to get a visa to exit the horrendous war zone, which is plagued by Hitler and the Nazis. Devorah begins to host teas and social activities to benefit the troops and her family. Throughout the books she goes through appalling times, but manages some how to keep faith and hope that something extraordinary will occur.

I would recommend Turned Away to anyone who enjoys history or adventure. This unusual historical novel has a hint of adventure and is brimming with drama. If you get disturbed easily I donít recommend that this book is for you because it does take place during a war and you will discover that it is very moving and upsetting at points. All in all, I think this was an amazing book.

Turned Away deserves FIVE stars.


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